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NOTE: This is now officially abandonware. Pandoc has now completely caught up with the purpose of this. It's also using a very out of date programming style. This makes it impossible for me to take it up again. Sorry, past me ;-)

Flexirest is a project that was born out of the authors long-running interest for reStructuredText, and the idea of writing everyday documents like letters, invoices and other simple documents in this way.

Flexirest tries to strike a middle ground between docutils own command line tool chain (rst2html et al), that I find a little to minimalistic and Sphinx, that I find very nice but a little heavy to use for a quickie document like a random letter or some such.

In short, the goal of flexirest is to enable you to use the reST format for everyday documents instead of a word processor or similar with minimal fuzz. Hence you get to stay in the comfy environment of your text editor and tool chain. And you can check in your docs in text format into your version control system of choice. And, if used correctly, you get to reuse a couple of stylings that you only need to create once.

There are some modestly advanced tricks you can do too, primarily writing your own docutils roles, but I wouldn't consider those the major points of flexirest.

For more information on how to operate flexirest, see the quick manual.



  • A mechanism of two-stage writing used to support a new writer, latex2pdf that renders directly to PDF via LaTeX if a suitable executable is available on the host system.
  • --infile option to specify input from a file
  • --outfile option to specify output to a file
  • --dump-parts option to inspect output from different docutils parts.
  • --list-writer option to list available writers on the host system.
  • No traceback when specifying a non-existant writer
  • All writers have at least the minimal template (%(whole)s)
  • Switch to Distribute instead of setuptools for development and packaging.
  • Many small bugfixes and stability improvements