google chrome extension to close unused tabs at a user defined time
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Latest commit 7bfa7e9 May 26, 2017 @ssorallen ssorallen Add unique `key` attributes for all mapped components
Tabs that are re-opened may share an ID. Use a combination of their ID
and their `closedAt` time to identify them uniquely.

Tab Wrangler

Auto-closes tabs which you haven't used in awhile.


  • The Corral: Stores tabs which have been auto-closed so you can re-open as required.
  • Exclude list: Provide the urls or domain names of the sites you never want auto-closed.
  • Tab Lock: Pick open tabs to "lock". Locked tabs will not be auto-closed.
  • Configurable: Pick how long a tab should be considered ready to close and how many tabs should be open at a minimum.
  • Smart: Doesn't autoclose pinned tabs, doesn't close all your tabs, just enough to make your browser usable.

Usage / Installation

  1. Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Click on the icon next to the URL bar
    • Tab Corral
      • Stores tabs which have been auto-closed.
    • Tab Lock
      • Selectively lock tabs which you want to stay open
    • Options
      • Whitelist certain URLs to never be closed.
      • Set the # of minutes to wait before closing an inactive tab.
      • Set the ideal # of tabs to have in your browser.
      • Configure keyboard shortcuts


  1. Install all dependencies

     npm install
  2. Build, output, and watch the contents to dist/

     gulp watch
  3. Open the Extensions page in Chrome via Window > Extensions

  4. Click "Load unpacked extension..." and select the dist/ directory created in Step 2

Building for Release

  1. Create a .zip to upload to the Chrome Store with the release task

     gulp release