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Envato Ruby SDK Build Status Yard Docs

Interact with the Envato API using Ruby.



$ gem install envato-sdk

Or using a Gemfile:

$ gem 'envato-sdk'


First things first. Create an instance of the client which will be used by all connections from here on out.

client = 'mytops3crettoken')

# Send a 'GET' for the total number of users.
response = client.get 'market/total-users.json'
# => { :total-users" => { :total_users => "5942654" } }


RSpec is the testing tool of choice and you can kick off the test suite by running:

$ bundle exec rspec spec

The following Ruby versions are supported (and tested against):

  • Ruby 2.0
  • Ruby 2.1
  • Ruby 2.2

Using VCR

To ensure the test suite runs nice and fast we use VCR which generates our mocks but using a real request that is stored inside of spec/cassettes. The way it achieves this is it that each HTTP request is wrapped in a block which captures the request, filters sensitive data and then stores it for the next person to use. This means that not everyone needs to generate fresh requests and can leverage known working responses.

As with all mocks, when the endpoint or functionality changes it is a good idea to re-do them to ensure you are still testing against live endpoints. To do that in this project, you'll need to run the following:

# Remove the existing files. You can be more specific here if you need to be.
$ rm -rf spec/cassettes/*

# Pass your REAL credentials in as environment variables and run the RSpec
# command.
$ ENVATO_TEST_API_TOKEN=thisisarealtoken \
  ENVATO_TEST_API_USERNAME=thisisarealuser \
  bundle exec rspec spec

It's super important you use real credentials when re-generating the cassettes to ensure it is an accurate representation of the interactions. (Don't worry, we don't commit your details to the cassettes they are filtered out by VCR!)

Note: Do not use the value of ENVATO_TEST_API_USERNAME in any of your tests where it is passed into the URL. This will cause VCR not to create the cassette due to the ENVATO_TEST_API_USERNAME being replaced during sanitisation.

Releasing a new version

Everything you need to build a new release can be done by running:

$ script/release

This will handle pushing a new version of the gem to, a tag to GitHub and updating the master branch.


Contributions are welcome (in fact, encouraged!) to this project. To ensure everything continues humming along nicely, there are a few guidelines.

  • All code changes must add tests for the functionality. Without tests someone may accidently break your changes and cause regressions.
  • If looking to add a large piece of new functionality, open an issue first and get some feedback on whether it's something the maintainers are willing to accept. We don't want anyone wasting time on changes only to be told the project won't accept them.


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