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Feature flipping for Drupal
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Flip is a module designed to make feature flipping straight forward in Drupal.


Clone the repository into your modules directory.

git clone


In order to use a feature toggle, you must first register with flip by implementing hook_flip_info.

function MYMODULE_flip_info() {
  return array(
    'example_toggle' => array(
      'name' => 'Example toggle',
      'description' => 'This is my example description for a toggle.',
      'condition' => 'my_condition_check',

Within this info hook, the following keys are available:

  • name: The friendly name of the toggle. This is displayed in the UI.
  • description: The overview of your toggle. I.e. what is it's purpose?
  • condition: The callback to evaluate and determine if your toggle should be fired off.

Enabling a feature toggle

Once you have defined the hook_flip_info, flush caches and all the implementing toggles should now be visible at admin/config/development/flip.

Note: For a toggle to work, it must be marked as enabled in admin/config/development/flip AND the condition callback must return TRUE.

To apply it conditionally within your code, you may have something similar to the following:

// Account for both outcomes. Handy for backwards compatibility.
if (flip_enabled('example_toggle')) {
else {

// Just do something new.
if (flip_enabled('example_toggle')) {

Example callbacks

  • Only during business hours
function flip_business_hours() {
  if (date('H') > 8 && date('H') < 16) {
    return TRUE;

  return FALSE;
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