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Georgia Tech CS 8803-CSS: Computational Social Science

Time and place: 3:00-4:15 PM on Monday and Wednesday, in CCB 52. Office hours are Wednesday 4:15-5:15 PM in CCB 316.


The principle aim for this graduate seminar is to develop a broad understanding of the emerging cross-disciplinary field of Computational Social Science. This includes:

  • Quantitative analysis of social phenomena
  • Models of network structure
  • Methods for text analysis
  • Applications to social science fields, such as political science, sociolinguistics, sociology, and economics

Additional learning objectives include:

  • Reading and understanding contemporary research papers
  • Presenting concise and informative summaries of published research
  • Executing computational social science research, through labs and a replication project


Monday readings will be about computational methods. They will largely be drawn from the following textbooks, all of which are available online:

Wednesday readings will usually be research papers, mostly from the social sciences. These readings will be presented by teams of 2-3 students. We will also spend half of (most) wednesdays on in-class labs.