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Tutorial on computational models of language change
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Tutorial on Modeling Language Change

This repository holds notebooks, data, and slides related to tutorials on computational models of language change at NAACL and IC2S2.


All notebooks are based on Python 3. To ensure that you have all the necessary packages, create a new conda environment and then activate it (update conda if it asks you to).

pip install --user conda #if necessary
conda env create -f environment.yml # create the environment. update conda if it complains.
source activate time_tutorial # activate the environment

You can then launch a notebook as follows:

cd ic2s2-notebooks
jupyter-notebook HappierOnTheWeekend.ipynb

The FollowTheLeader.ipynb notebook requires you to install pyhawkes using pip install --user pyhawkes autograd (Linux) or ~/miniconda3/envs/time_tutorial/bin/pip install pyhawkes autograd (Mac). If you have trouble, you may want to clone the repo directly here.


To get the additional data files, run:

git clone

Alternatively, you can run


which will download all the data and setup the symbolic links for you.

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