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Clojure InfluxDB client
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InfluxDB client for Clojure

This client library communicates with the InfluxDB HTTP API (ver 1.7) and is very small. It is still lacking a few debugging features but has the important things for managing, reading from and writing to databases.


Add the following dependency to your project.clj file:

[dk.emcken/influxdb-client "0.1.2"]

Clojars Project



Specify how the client reaches the InfluxDB API using a hash-map:

{:url "http://localhost:8086"}

Or if you have authentication also provide the username and password:

{:url "http://localhost:8086"
 :username "root"
 :password "secret"}

The following code examples assumes you are in the user namespace and have required the library and a connection representation (conn):

user > (require '[dk.emcken.influxdb-client.core :as client :refer [unwrap query write]])

user > (def conn {:url "http://localhost:8086"})


This corresponds to GET /query endpoint when using the method ::client/read. This will work with any query that reads from the database (SELECT and SHOW):

user > (unwrap (query conn ::client/read "SHOW DATABASES"))
[{"series" [{"values" [["_internal"]],
             "columns" ["name"],
             "name" "databases"}],
  "statement_id" 0}


This corresponds to POST /query endpoint when using the method ::client/manage. This will work with any query that changes anything in the database (SELECT INTO, ALTER, CREATE, DELETE, DROP, GRANT, KILL and REVOKE):

user > (unwrap (query conn ::client/manage "CREATE DATABASE mydb"))
[{"statement_id" 0}]

For inserting data see the next section "Write".


If you already have the data you want to write in the Line Protocol:

user> (:status (write conn "mydb" "mymeas,mytag=1 myfield=90"))

If not you can use the convert namespace to generate Line Protocol syntax from a hash-map:

user> (require '[dk.emcken.influxdb-client.convert :as convert])

The following hash-maps are all valid point representations:

;; minimal data required by the Line Protocol
{:measurement "cpu"
 :fields {:value 0.64}}

;; now also including a few tags
{:measurement "cpu"
 :tags {:host "serverA" :region "us_west"}
 :fields {:value 0.64}}

;; now with multiple fields and different data types along with a timestamp
{:measurement "cpu"
 :fields {:value 0.64 :verified true :count 4}
 :time 1434067467000000000}

Use point->line to construct a sigle line following the Line Protocol format:

user> (convert/point->line {:measurement "cpu" :fields {:value 0.64}})
"cpu value=0.64"

The following is an extreeme example from the InfluxDB website to demonstrate escaping:

user> (convert/point->line
       {:measurement "\"measurement with quo⚡️es and emoji\""
        :tags {"tag key with sp🚀ces" "tag,value,with\"commas\""}
        :fields {"field_k\\ey" "string field value, only \" need be esc🍭ped"}})
"\"measurement\\ with\\ quo⚡️es\\ and\\ emoji\",tag\\ key\\ with\\ sp🚀ces=tag\\,value\\,with\"commas\" field_k\\ey=\"string field value, only \\\" need be esc🍭ped\""
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