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bootstrap script for ubuntu

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jacobgorm committed Nov 14, 2017
1 parent 388c889 commit dc3cf7765a9fd883e5d829d88d005d56cf8b3cba
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sudo apt-get -y install cmake ninja-build liblz4-dev libb2-dev libcurl4-gnutls-dev uuid-dev

mkdir -p dev &&\
cd dev &&\
git clone &&\
cd oneroot && \

mkdir -p swapdata-2cde296d-1900-45e3-857d-0a3cfb42ae87
(cd swapdata-2cde296d-1900-45e3-857d-0a3cfb42ae87; wget

echo >foo.swap 'uuid=2cde296d-1900-45e3-857d-0a3cfb42ae87'
echo >>foo.swap 'size=104857600'
echo >>foo.swap 'fallback='
echo >>foo.swap 'fallback='

sudo modprobe nbd
sudo ./build/oneroot foo.swap

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