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An ongoing POC maven spring flex app utilizing annotated remoting.
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This is ongoing, POC maven, spring, flex app. It's cribbed heavily from the integration samples.  I put it 
together to test the ease of adding flex into the mix of a enterprise-like architecture and workflow.  

Instruction to build & run (assuming you've got the sources downloaded).

1.  Create db schema.  You can try playing with the propery in app-config.xml
       or run the ddl script in this folder.  Make sure you update the db credentials in
2.  In the project root, run:  mvn install

3.  In ./java-web run: mvn jetty:run-war


1.  Get unit tests setup & working on both flex & java side.
2.  Get mvn jetty:run working in parent pom ( 
       should work, but it doesn't).
3.  Learn Flex best practices & organize the flex sources (implement mvc for flex).
4.  Exercise spring-security integration with flex views.
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