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Fixed data-scale typo and added a method to explictly list the colors…

… in your bar charts using a pipe instead of a comma
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1 parent 2773006 commit bd58fc144d2c758081ab37ad11dd3151d91dae17 @tupperware14 tupperware14 committed Jan 18, 2009
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@@ -297,12 +297,16 @@ def chart_type(arg):
return {"cht": types.get(arg, arg)}
@option("chart-data-scale", multi=",")
-def chart_colors(*args):
+def chart_data_scale(*args):
return {"chds": smart_join(",", *args)}
@option("chart-colors", multi=",")
def chart_colors(*args):
return {"chco": smart_join(",", *args)}
+@option("chart-bar-colors", multi="|")
+def chart_bar_colors(*args):
+ return {"chco": smart_join("|", *args)}
def chart_size(arg1, arg2=None):

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