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Converters are the glue that converts a Django model into a dict of data to be
posted to Storymarket. This module implements a registry for them.
Converter functions are simple functions that take two arguments -- the
Storymarket API object and the model instance to convert -- and return
a dictionary of data to be used for the upload. This dict should be in
the simplified format accepted by the Storymarket API, and should have
one extra key: the type of data to be uploaded.
For example::
def story_to_storymarket(api, obj):
return {
"type": "text",
"title": obj.headline,
"author": "jacobian",
"org": api.orgs.get(MY_ORG_ID),
"category": api.subcategories.get(SOME_CATEGORY_ID),
"content": obj.body
For binary types, the returned dict should have a ``blob`` key; the value can
either be the binary data as a string or (more likely) a file-like object::
def image_to_storymarket(api, obj):
return {
"type": "photos",
import storymarket
from django.db import models
from django.conf import settings
from django.utils.importlib import import_module
from django.utils.module_loading import module_has_submodule
_registry = {}
_CONVERTER_MODULE_NAME = 'storymarket_converters'
def convert(instance):
Convert a model instance using its registered converter.
If it fails, this'll raise :exc:`CannotConvert`.
:param instance: The model instance to convert.
:rtype: dict
api = storymarket.Storymarket(settings.STORYMARKET_API_KEY)
# I'm using look-before-you-leap instead of better-to-ask-for-permission
# here because a try/except might accidentally catch a KeyError raised
# by the converter itself.
registry_key = str(instance._meta)
if registry_key in _registry:
return _registry[registry_key](api, instance)
elif _FALLBACK_KEY in _registry:
return _registry[_FALLBACK_KEY](api, instance)
raise CannotConvert("Can't convert %s objects." % instance._meta)
def registered_models():
Return a list of all models registered for conversion.
return filter(None, (models.get_model(*k.split('.')) for k in _registry.keys()))
class CannotConvert(Exception):
def register(model, callback):
Register a converter.
:param model: The model class to register the converter for.
:param callback: The conversion function.
_registry[str(model._meta)] = callback
def register_fallback_converter(callback):
Register a fallback converter to be used if a model-specific converter
doesn't already exist.
This converter should either convert an object or raise :exc:`CannotConvert`.
:param callback: The conversion function.
_registry[_FALLBACK_KEY] = callback
def unregister(model):
Remove a converter for a model, if registered.
:param model: The model class to unregister.
del _registry[str(model._meta)]
except KeyError:
def unregister_fallback_converter():
Remove a fallback converter, if registered.
del _registry[_FALLBACK_KEY]
except KeyError:
_discovery_done = False
def autodiscover():
Auto-discover converter modules from settings.INSTALLED_APPS.
This code is cribbed from admin.autodiscover.
global _discovery_done
if _discovery_done: return
for app in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
mod = import_module(app)
import_module("%s.%s" % (app, _CONVERTER_MODULE_NAME))
# Ignore the error if the app just doesn't have a converter
# module, but bubble it up if it was anything else.
if module_has_submodule(mod, _CONVERTER_MODULE_NAME):
_discovery_done = True