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2  chapter04.rst
@@ -1613,4 +1613,4 @@ stored in a relational database. This allows a clean separation of data and logi
The next chapter `Chapter 5`_ covers the tools Django gives you to
interact with a database.
-.. _Chapter 4: chapter04.rst/
+.. _Chapter 5: chapter05.html
2  chapter05.rst
@@ -1386,4 +1386,4 @@ case it would be helpful to have a Web-based interface for entering and
managing data. The next chapter `Chapter 6`_ covers Django's admin interface, which exists
precisely for that reason.
-.. _Chapter 6: chapter06.rst/
+.. _Chapter 6: chapter06.html
2  chapter06.rst
@@ -989,4 +989,4 @@ So far we've created a few models and configured a top-notch interface for
editing data. In the next chapter `Chapter 7`_, we'll move on to the real "meat and potatoes"
of Web development: form creation and processing.
-.. _Chapter 7: chapter07.rst/
+.. _Chapter 7: chapter07.html
2  chapter07.rst
@@ -1293,4 +1293,4 @@ missing pieces as you need them.
We'll start in `Chapter 8`_, by doubling back and taking a closer look at views
and URLconfs (introduced first in `chapter03`).
-.. _chapter 8: chapter08.rst/
+.. _chapter 8: chapter08.html
4 chapter08.rst
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ In `Chapter 3`_, we explained the basics of Django view functions and URLconfs.
This chapter goes into more detail about advanced functionality in those two
pieces of the framework.
-.. _Chapter 3: ../chapter03/
+.. _Chapter 3: chapter03.html
URLconf Tricks
@@ -1130,4 +1130,4 @@ This chapter has provided many advanced tips and tricks for views and URLconfs.
Next, in `Chapter 9`_, we'll give this advanced treatment to Django's template
-.. _Chapter 9: chapter09.rst/
+.. _Chapter 9: chapter09.html
2  chapter09.rst
@@ -1294,4 +1294,4 @@ What's Next
Continuing this section's theme of advanced topics, the `next chapter`_ covers
advanced usage of Django models.
-.. _next chapter: chapter10.rst/
+.. _next chapter: chapter10.html
2  chapter10.rst
@@ -598,4 +598,4 @@ What's Next?
In the `next chapter`_, we'll show you Django's "generic views" framework, which
lets you save time in building Web sites that follow common patterns.
-.. _next chapter: chapter11.rst/
+.. _next chapter: chapter11.html
2  chapter11.rst
@@ -518,4 +518,4 @@ recommended reading if you want to get the most out of this powerful feature.
This concludes the section of this book devoted to "advanced usage." In the
`next chapter`_, we cover deployment of Django applications.
-.. _next chapter: chapter12.rst/
+.. _next chapter: chapter12.html
4 chapter12.rst
@@ -1073,7 +1073,7 @@ Of course, selecting memcached does you no good if you don't actually use it.
framework, and use it everywhere possible. Aggressive, preemptive caching is
usually the only thing that will keep a site up under major traffic.
-.. _Chapter 15: chapter15.rst/
+.. _Chapter 15: chapter15.html
Join the Conversation
@@ -1092,4 +1092,4 @@ What's Next?
The remaining chapters focus on other Django features that you may or may not
need, depending on your application. Feel free to read them in any order you
2  chapter13.rst
@@ -986,4 +986,4 @@ Next, we'll continue to dig deeper into the built-in tools Django gives you.
`Chapter 14`_ looks at all the tools you need to provide user-customized
sites: sessions, users, and authentication.
-.. _Chapter 14: chapter14.rst/
+.. _Chapter 14: chapter14.html
2  chapter14.rst
@@ -1236,4 +1236,4 @@ available.
In the `next chapter`_, we'll take a look at Django's caching infrastructure,
which is a convenient way to improve the performance of your application.
-.. _next chapter: chapter15.rst/
+.. _next chapter: chapter15.html
6 chapter15.rst
@@ -757,5 +757,7 @@ What's Next?
Django ships with a number of "contrib" packages -- optional features that can
make your life easier. We've already covered a few of these: the admin site
-(Chapter 6) and the session/user framework (Chapter 14). The next chapter
-covers more of the "contributed" subframeworks.
+(Chapter 6) and the session/user framework (Chapter 14). The `next chapter`_
+covers more of the "contributed" subframeworks.
+.. _next chapter: chapter16.html
2  chapter16.rst
@@ -946,4 +946,4 @@ and/or after every request and can modify requests and responses at will, to
extend the framework. In the `next chapter`_, we'll discuss Django's built-in
middleware and explain how you can write your own.
-.. _next chapter: chapter17.rst/
+.. _next chapter: chapter17.html
2  chapter17.rst
@@ -389,4 +389,4 @@ Web developers and database-schema designers don't always have the luxury of
starting from scratch. In the `next chapter`_, we'll cover how to integrate with
legacy systems, such as database schemas you've inherited from the 1980s.
-.. _next chapter: chapter18.rst/
+.. _next chapter: chapter18.html
2  chapter18.rst
@@ -299,4 +299,4 @@ framework (and the hard work of Django's volunteer translators). The
`next chapter`_ explains how to use this framework to provide localized Django
-.. _next chapter: chapter19.rst/
+.. _next chapter: chapter19.html
2  chapter19.rst
@@ -940,4 +940,4 @@ What's Next?
The `final chapter`_ focuses on security -- how you can help secure your sites and
your users from malicious attackers.
-.. _final chapter: chapter20.rst/
+.. _final chapter: chapter20.html
4 chapter20.rst
@@ -516,5 +516,5 @@ your Django projects.
We wish you the best of luck in running your Django site, whether it's a little
toy for you and a few friends, or the next Google.
-.. _Chapter 14: chapter14.rst/
-.. _Chapter 16: chapter16.rst/
+.. _Chapter 14: chapter14.html
+.. _Chapter 16: chapter16.html
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