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fixing mistakes on links

fixing mistakes on links
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2 chapter03.rst
@@ -911,6 +911,6 @@ core concepts, but in the real world, this is nearly always a bad idea.
Django ships with a simple yet powerful template engine that allows you to
separate the design of the page from the underlying code. We'll dive into
-Django's template engine in the :doc:`next chapter `Chapter 4`_.
+Django's template engine in the next chapter `Chapter 4`_.
.. _Chapter 4: chapter04.rst/
2 chapter04.rst
@@ -1610,7 +1610,7 @@ Many modern Web sites are *database-driven*: the content of the Web site is
stored in a relational database. This allows a clean separation of data and logic
(in the same way views and templates allow the separation of logic and display.)
-The :doc:`next chapter `Chapter 5`_ covers the tools Django gives you to
+The next chapter `Chapter 5`_ covers the tools Django gives you to
interact with a database.
.. _Chapter 4: chapter04.rst/
2 chapter06.rst
@@ -984,7 +984,7 @@ What's Next?
So far we've created a few models and configured a top-notch interface for
-editing data. In the :doc:`next chapter `Chapter 7`_, we'll move on to the real "meat and potatoes"
+editing data. In the next chapter `Chapter 7`_, we'll move on to the real "meat and potatoes"
of Web development: form creation and processing.
.. _Chapter 7: chapter07.rst/
2 chapter07.rst
@@ -1280,6 +1280,6 @@ own Django projects. The rest of the material in this book will help fill in the
missing pieces as you need them.
We'll start in `Chapter 8`_ by doubling back and taking a closer look at views
-and URLconfs (introduced first in :doc:`chapter03`).
+and URLconfs (introduced first in `chapter03`).
.. _chapter8: chapter08.rst/
2 chapter08.rst
@@ -1130,4 +1130,4 @@ This chapter has provided many advanced tips and tricks for views and URLconfs.
Next, in `Chapter 9`_, we'll give this advanced treatment to Django's template
-.. _Chapter 9: ../chapter09/
+.. _Chapter 9: chapter09.rst/

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