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Note that 1.5 *will* support Python 3.2

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@@ -40,8 +40,7 @@ Python 2.5, so using a later version of Python keeps your options open.
supported it experimentally. Python 3.0 introduced a substantial number of
backwards-incompatible changes to the language itself, and, as a result,
many major Python libraries and frameworks, including Django, had not yet
- caught up. Python 3.0 support is expected in Django version 1.5 at the
- earliest.
+ caught up. Python 2.6-3.2 will be supported by Django 1.5.

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Perhaps this caveat should be posted instead:

Django 1.5 is also the first release with Python 3 support! We’re labeling this support “experimental” because we don’t yet consider it production-ready, but everything’s in place for you to start porting your apps to Python 3. Our next release, Django 1.6, will support Python 3 without reservations.


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