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Another urlconf

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10 chapter03.rst
@@ -595,11 +595,11 @@ A novice might think to code a separate view function for each hour offset,
which might result in a URLconf like this::
urlpatterns = patterns('',
- ('^time/$', current_datetime),
- ('^time/plus/1/$', one_hour_ahead),
- ('^time/plus/2/$', two_hours_ahead),
- ('^time/plus/3/$', three_hours_ahead),
- ('^time/plus/4/$', four_hours_ahead),
+ url(r'^time/$', current_datetime),
+ url(r'^time/plus/1/$', one_hour_ahead),
+ url(r'^time/plus/2/$', two_hours_ahead),
+ url(r'^time/plus/3/$', three_hours_ahead),
+ url(r'^time/plus/4/$', four_hours_ahead),
Clearly, this line of thought is flawed. Not only would this result in redundant

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