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Chapter 4 is overall pretty good already. I just suggest removing the suggestion to put site-specific settings into .bash_profile.

If a new developer does that, they'll eventually have to undo it when they start their second Django site and can't figure out why running python doesn't use the right Django settings.

@jacobian jacobian merged commit db94e34 into jacobian-archive:master
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Commits on Nov 2, 2012
  1. @mpdaugherty

    If someone wants to develop two Django sites at the same time, settin…

    mpdaugherty authored
    …g the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE in .bash_profile seems like a bad practice.
  2. @mpdaugherty
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@@ -185,10 +185,6 @@ start the interactive interpreter.
``python shell`` in these examples so as to minimize the amount
of tweaking and configuring you have to do.
- As you become more familiar with Django, you'll likely stop using
- `` shell`` and will set ``DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE`` manually in
- your ``.bash_profile`` or other shell environment configuration file.
Let's go through some template system basics::
>>> from django.template import Template
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