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import datetime
import hashlib
import logging
from django.conf import settings
from django.db import transaction
from django.template.defaultfilters import slugify
from django.utils.functional import memoize
from django.utils.http import urlquote
from django.utils.encoding import smart_str, smart_unicode
from httplib2 import HttpLib2Error
from jellyroll.models import Item, Track
from jellyroll.providers import utils
# Public API
log = logging.getLogger("jellyroll.providers.lastfm")
def enabled():
ok = hasattr(settings, 'LASTFM_USERNAME')
if not ok:
log.warn('The provider is not available because the '
'LASTFM_USERNAME settings is undefined.')
return ok
def update():
last_update_date = Item.objects.get_last_update_of_model(Track)
log.debug("Last update date: %s", last_update_date)
xml = utils.getxml(RECENT_TRACKS_URL % settings.LASTFM_USERNAME)
for track in xml.getiterator("track"):
artist = track.find('artist')
artist_name = smart_unicode(artist.text)
artist_mbid = artist.get('mbid')
track_name = smart_unicode(track.find('name').text)
track_mbid = smart_unicode(track.find('mbid').text)
url = smart_unicode(track.find('url').text)
# date delivered as UTC
timestamp = datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(int(track.find('date').get('uts')))
timestamp = utils.utc_to_local_timestamp(int(track.find('date').get('uts')))
if not _track_exists(artist_name, track_name, timestamp):
tags = _tags_for_track(artist_name, track_name)
_handle_track(artist_name, artist_mbid, track_name, track_mbid, url, timestamp, tags)
# Private API
def _tags_for_track(artist_name, track_name):
Get the top tags for a track. Also fetches tags for the artist. Only
includes tracks that break a certain threshold of usage, defined by
settings.LASTFM_TAG_USAGE_THRESHOLD (which defaults to 15).
urls = [
ARTIST_TAGS_URL % (urlquote(artist_name)),
TRACK_TAGS_URL % (urlquote(artist_name), urlquote(track_name)),
tags = set()
for url in urls:
def _tags_for_url(url):
tags = set()
xml = utils.getxml(url)
except HttpLib2Error, e:
if e.code == 408:
return ""
except SyntaxError:
return ""
for t in xml.getiterator("tag"):
count = utils.safeint(t.find("count").text)
if count >= getattr(settings, 'LASTFM_TAG_USAGE_THRESHOLD', 15):
tag = slugify(smart_unicode(t.find("name").text))
return tags
# Memoize tags to avoid unnecessary API calls.
_tag_cache = {}
_tags_for_url = memoize(_tags_for_url, _tag_cache, 1)
def _handle_track(artist_name, artist_mbid, track_name, track_mbid, url, timestamp, tags):
t = Track(
artist_name = artist_name,
track_name = track_name,
url = url,
track_mbid = track_mbid is not None and track_mbid or '',
artist_mbid = artist_mbid is not None and artist_mbid or '',
if not _track_exists(artist_name, track_name, timestamp):
log.debug("Saving track: %r - %r", artist_name, track_name)
return Item.objects.create_or_update(
instance = t,
timestamp = timestamp,
tags = tags,
source = __name__,
source_id = _source_id(artist_name, track_name, timestamp),
def _source_id(artist_name, track_name, timestamp):
return hashlib.md5(smart_str(artist_name) + smart_str(track_name) + str(timestamp)).hexdigest()
def _track_exists(artist_name, track_name, timestamp):
id = _source_id(artist_name, track_name, timestamp)
Item.objects.get(source=__name__, source_id=id)
except Item.DoesNotExist:
return False
return True
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