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Microframework for writing Munin plugins with Python.
* Subclass ``Plugin``.
* Define at least ``fetch`` and ``config``, and possibly others (see
* Add a main invocation to your script.
A simple example::
import munin
class Load(munin.Plugin):
def fetch(self):
load1, load5, load15 = open("/proc/loadavg").split(' ')[:3]
return [
("load1.value", load1),
("load5.value", load5),
("load15.value", load15)
def config(self):
return [
("graph_title", "Load"),
("graph_args", "-l 0 --base 1000"),
("graph_vlabel", "Load"),
("load1.label", "1 min"),
("load5.label", "5 min"),
("load15.label", "15 min")
if __name__ == '__main__':
For more complex uses, read the code. It's short.
import os
import sys
class Plugin(object):
def __init__(self):
self.env = {}
for var, default in self.__get_dynamic_attr("env_vars", None, {}).items():
self.env[var] = os.environ.get(var, default)
def __get_dynamic_attr(self, attname, arg, default=None):
Gets "something" from self, which could be an attribute or
a callable with either 0 or 1 arguments (besides self).
Stolen from django.contrib.syntication.feeds.Feed.
attr = getattr(self, attname)
except AttributeError:
return default
if callable(attr):
# Check func_code.co_argcount rather than try/excepting the
# function and catching the TypeError, because something inside
# the function may raise the TypeError. This technique is more
# accurate.
if hasattr(attr, 'func_code'):
argcount = attr.func_code.co_argcount
argcount = attr.__call__.func_code.co_argcount
if argcount == 2: # one argument is 'self'
return attr(arg)
return attr()
return attr
def main(self, argv):
if "_" in argv[0]:
_, arg = argv[0].rsplit("_", 1)
arg = None
args = argv[1:]
if "suggest" in args and hasattr(self, "suggest"):
for suggested in self.__get_dynamic_attr("suggest", arg):
print suggested
return 0
if "autoconf" in args:
if self.__get_dynamic_attr("autoconf", arg, True):
print "yes"
return 0
print "no"
return 1
if "config" in args:
for field, value in self.__get_dynamic_attr("config", arg, []):
print "%s %s" % (field, value)
return 0
for field, value in self.__get_dynamic_attr("fetch", arg, []):
print "%s %s" % (field, value)
return 0
def run(plugin):
if callable(plugin):
plugin = plugin()