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#!/usr/bin/env python
Munin script to monitor perlbal.
Following the munin style, this reads argv[0] to get the name of the pool
to monitor.
Currently reports raw requests/second, but would be cool to break it down
by response code/pool...
import telnetlib
import socket
import munin
class Perlbal(munin.Plugin):
env_vars = {
"host": "localhost",
"port": "60000"
def _connect(self):
return telnetlib.Telnet(self.env["host"], int(self.env["port"]))
def fetch(self, pool=None):
if not pool: return []
c = self._connect()
c.write("show pool %s\r\n"% pool)
data = c.read_until(".\r\n")
nodelines = data.strip().split("\r\n")[:-1]
nodes = (line.strip().split() for line in nodelines)
return [("requests.value", sum(int(reqs) for node, reqs in nodes))]
def config(self, pool=None):
if not pool: return []
return [
('graph_title', 'Perlbal requests in pool %s' % pool),
('graph_args', '-l 0 --base 1000'),
('graph_vlabel', 'Requests'),
('graph_category', 'Perlbal'),
('graph_info', 'Tracks the number of requests the %s pool handles' % pool),
('graph_period', 'second'),
('requests.label', 'Requests per second'),
('requests.type', 'DERIVE'),
('requests.min', '0'),
def autoconf(self):
except socket.error:
return False
return True
def suggest(self):
c = self._connect()
c.write("show pool\r\n")
data = c.read_until(".\r\n").strip()
return set(line.strip().split()[0] for line in data.split("\r\n") if line != '.')
if __name__ == '__main__':