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Rename shell commands "flavors" to "flavor-list" and "images" to "ima…

…ge-list" to match the rest of the commands.
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@@ -37,14 +37,14 @@ You'll find complete documentation on the shell by running ``cloudservers help``
Delete the backup schedule for a server.
boot Boot a new server.
delete Immediately shut down and delete a server.
- flavors Print a list of available 'flavors' (sizes of
+ flavor-list Print a list of available 'flavors' (sizes of
help Display help about this program or one of its
image-create Create a new image by taking a snapshot of a running
image-delete Delete an image.
- images Print a list of available images to boot from.
+ image-list Print a list of available images to boot from.
ip-share Share an IP address from the given IP group onto a
ip-unshare Stop sharing an given address with a server.
@@ -204,11 +204,11 @@ def do_boot(self, args):
server = self.cs.servers.create(, image, flavor, args.ipgroup, metadata)
- def do_flavors(self, args):
+ def do_flavor_list(self, args):
"""Print a list of available 'flavors' (sizes of servers)."""
print_list(self.cs.flavors.list(), ['ID', 'Name', 'RAM', 'Disk'])
- def do_images(self, args):
+ def do_image_list(self, args):
"""Print a list of available images to boot from."""
print_list(self.cs.images.list(), ['ID', 'Name', 'Status'])
@@ -70,12 +70,12 @@ def test_boot():
'metadata': {'foo': 'bar', 'spam': 'eggs'}}}
-def test_flavors():
- shell('flavors')
+def test_flavor_list():
+ shell('flavor-list')
assert_called('GET', '/flavors/detail')
-def test_images():
- shell('images')
+def test_image_list():
+ shell('image-list')
assert_called('GET', '/images/detail')
def test_image_create():

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