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A fake server that "responds" to methods with pre-canned results.
All the results come from the docs ( Places
where the actual API differs from the docs will be noted.
from __future__ import with_statement
from __future__ import absolute_import
import httplib2
import urllib
import urlparse
from os.path import splitext
from hdcloud import HDCloud
from hdcloud.client import HDCloudClient
from import assert_equal
from .utils import fail, assert_in, assert_not_in, assert_has_keys
class FakeHDCloud(HDCloud):
def __init__(self, username=None, password=None):
super(FakeHDCloud, self).__init__('username', 'password')
self.client = FakeClient()
def assert_called(self, method, url, body=None):
Assert than an API method was just called.
expected = (method, url)
called = self.client.callstack[-1][0:2]
assert self.client.callstack, "Expected %s %s but no calls were made." % expected
assert expected == called, 'Expected %s %s; got %s %s' % (expected + called)
if body is not None:
assert_equal(self.client.callstack[-1][2], body)
self.client.callstack = []
class FakeClient(HDCloudClient):
def __init__(self):
self.username = 'username'
self.password = 'password'
self.callstack = []
def _hdc_request(self, url, method, *args, **kwargs):
# Check that certain things are called correctly
if method in ['GET', 'DELETE']:
assert_not_in('body', kwargs)
elif method in ['PUT', 'POST']:
assert_in('body', kwargs)
# Check for JSON requests
scheme, netloc, path, query, fragment = urlparse.urlsplit(url)
assert path.endswith(".json")
# Call a method on self instead
_, _, path_prefix, _, _ = urlparse.urlsplit(self.BASE_URL)
munged_path = splitext(path.replace(path_prefix, ''))[0].strip('/').replace('/', '_')
callback = "%s_%s" % (method.lower(), munged_path)
if not hasattr(self, callback):
fail('Called unknown API method: %s %s' % (method, url))
# Note the call. To make comparisons easier in testing easy, we'll
# sort the GET kwargs by name.
called_url = "/%s" % path.replace(path_prefix, '')
if query:
sorted_qs = urllib.urlencode(sorted(urlparse.parse_qsl(query)))
called_url = '%s?%s' % (called_url, sorted_qs)
self.callstack.append((method, called_url, kwargs.get('body', None)))
status, body = getattr(self, callback)(**kwargs)
return httplib2.Response({"status": status}), body
def get_encoding_profiles(self, **kw):
return (200, {"encoding_profiles": [{"id": 1,
"encoded_filename_format_string": "%f_%p_%b_%wx%h.%e",
"name": "Example Profile",
"resolutions": [["400x300"]],
"audiobitrate": 96,
"brightcove_publisher_id": None,
"updated_at": None,
"framerate": 30.0,
"brightcove": False,
"output_ext": None,
"output_format": None,
"keyframe_interval": None,
"audio_sample_rate": 44100,
"bitrate_tolerance": None,
"letterbox": True,
"time_offset": None,
"bitrate": [500, 400, 300],
"description": "Example Profile",
"thumbnail_interval": None,
"thumbnail_offset": None,
"max_file_size": None,
"created_at": None,
"time_duration": None}]})
def get_encoding_profiles_1(self, **kw):
return (200, {"encoding_profile": self.get_encoding_profiles(**kw)[1]['encoding_profiles'][0]})
def get_jobs(self, **kw):
return (200, [{"job": {"current_step": "encoding",
"source_filename": "beer-drinking-pig.mpg",
"encoding_profile_id": None,
"resolution": None,
"status_url": "",
"id": 1,
"current_status": "Encoding: Pass 1",
"bitrate": None,
"current_progress": 42,
"remote_id": "my-own-remote-id"}}])
def get_jobs_1(self, **kw):
return (200, self.get_jobs(**kw)[1][0])
def get_jobs_1_frames(self, **kw):
return (200, {u'frames': {u'filenames': ['one.jpg', 'two.jpg'],
u'page': 1,
u'per_page': 15,
u'total_entries': 0,
u'total_pages': 0}})
def delete_jobs_1(self, **kw):
return (200, None)
def delete_jobs_destroy_bulk(self, **kw):
return (200, None)
def get_jobs_current(self, **kw):
return (200, [{"job": {"current_step": "encoding",
"source_filename": "beer-drinking-pig.mpg",
"encoding_profile_id": None,
"resolution": None,
"status_url": "",
"id": 1,
"current_status": "Encoding: Pass 1",
"bitrate": None,
"current_progress": 42,
"remote_id": "my-own-remote-id"}}])
def get_jobs_completed(self, **kw):
return (200, [{"job": {"current_step": None,
"source_filename": "beer-drinking-pig.mpg",
"encoding_profile_id": None,
"resolution": None,
"status_url": "",
"id": 1,
"current_status": "completed",
"bitrate": None,
"encoded_filename": "beer-drinking-pig_1_800_1920x1080.mp4",
"complete?": True,
"current_progress": None,
"remote_id": "my-own-remote-id"}}])
def get_jobs_failed(self, **kw):
# Return an empty list to test the client's handling
# of empty responses.
return (200, [{"job": {"current_step": "failed",
"source_filename": "beer-drinking-pig.mpg",
"encoding_profile_id": None,
"resolution": None,
"status_url": "",
"failed?": True,
"id": 1,
"current_status": "failed",
"bitrate": None,
"failure_code": 500,
"failure_message": "An unexpected application error occurred. Please contact support.",
"current_progress": None,
"remote_id": "my-own-remote-id"}}])
def post_jobs(self, body, **kw):
post_params = urlparse.parse_qsl(body)
post_keys = [k for k,v in post_params]
# Check required POST keys
required_keys = ['job[source_id]', 'job[destination_id]', 'files[]', 'encoding_profile_ids[]']
for k in required_keys:
assert_in(k, post_keys)
# Check for invalid POST keys
optional_keys = ['job[priority]', 'job[use_file_cache]', 'job[callback_url]', 'job[remote_id]']
all_keys = required_keys + optional_keys
for k in post_keys:
assert_in(k, all_keys)
return (200, self.get_jobs()[1])
def get_stores(self, **kw):
return (200, {"stores": [{"id": 1,
"name": "Example Store",
"cdn": "S3",
"username": "123abc",
"auth_token": None,
"description": "Example Store",
"deleted": False,
"host": None,
"ref": "example-bucket",
"user_id": 1,
"authorized": False,
"password": "cba321"}]})
def get_stores_1(self, **kw):
return (200, {"store": self.get_stores(**kw)[1]["stores"][0]})