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Python bindings to the Storymarket API

This is a client for the Storymarket API.

You'll need a Storymarket account to use this library, and you'll need to generate an API token by visiting the Developer API page.


First create an instance of the API with your creds:

>>> import storymarket
>>> api = storymarket.Storymarket(YOUR_API_KEY)

Then call methods:

>>> api.orgs.all()
[<Org: My Org>]

>>> api.text.create({
...     'title': 'Man Bite Dog',
...     'content': '...',
...     'tags': ['man', 'dog', 'biting'],
...     'org': api.orgs.all()[0],
...     'category': api.categories.get(123)
... })
>>> <Text: Man Bites Dog>

For details, see the documentation and/or Storymarket's API documentation.


Development takes place on GitHub; please file bugs/pull requests there.

Development on this project was funded by the Lawrence Journal-World - thanks!