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ae14d55 Mar 5, 2016
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import random
import string
from django.db import transaction
from django.shortcuts import render, redirect
import haikunator
from .models import Room
def about(request):
return render(request, "chat/about.html")
def new_room(request):
Randomly create a new room, and redirect to it.
new_room = None
while not new_room:
with transaction.atomic():
label = haikunator.haikunate()
if Room.objects.filter(label=label).exists():
new_room = Room.objects.create(label=label)
return redirect(chat_room, label=label)
def chat_room(request, label):
Room view - show the room, with latest messages.
The template for this view has the WebSocket business to send and stream
messages, so see the template for where the magic happens.
# If the room with the given label doesn't exist, automatically create it
# upon first visit (a la etherpad).
room, created = Room.objects.get_or_create(label=label)
# We want to show the last 50 messages, ordered most-recent-last
messages = reversed(room.messages.order_by('-timestamp')[:50])
return render(request, "chat/room.html", {
'room': room,
'messages': messages,