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a simple faq application for django apps

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Djangop-FAQ v.02

A simple faq application for your Django powered site. I also made note to provide this app as an example of creating 
a reusable app following best practices - allowing for template overrides, extra_context arguments, etc. So 
in theory you should be able to drop it on your Python path and get going pretty easy. I noted where appropriate some of the details. Search for '#NOTE' to see where I left those tidbits of info that provide some more details within the code.


1. add 'faq' directory to your Python path.
2. add 'faq' to your INSTALLED_APPS tuple found in your settings file.
3. If you want to customize the templates then either create an 'faq' directory in your projects templates location, or you can also pass along custom 'template_name' arguments by creating your own view wrappers around the 'faq' app views. I show how to do the latter in the 'example' project included - look at the file to see the details.

Example Site

I included an example site in the /example directory. You should be able to simply execute './ syncdb' and then './ runserver' and have the example site up and running. I assume your system has sqlite3 available - it is set as the default database with the DATABASE_NAME = 'faq.db'
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