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ch10 'name__icontains' to 'title__icontains'
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jacobian committed Apr 14, 2013
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@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ Chapter 5), and it can be filtered and sliced like any other ``QuerySet``.
For example::
>>> p = Publisher.objects.get(name='Apress Publishing')
- >>> p.book_set.filter(name__icontains='django')
+ >>> p.book_set.filter(title__icontains='django')
[<Book: The Django Book>, <Book: Pro Django>]
The attribute name ``book_set`` is generated by appending the lower case
@@ -598,4 +598,4 @@ What's Next?
In the `next chapter`_, we'll show you Django's "generic views" framework, which
lets you save time in building Web sites that follow common patterns.
-.. _next chapter: chapter11.rst/
+.. _next chapter: chapter11.rst/

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