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The :mod:`openstack.compute` Python API

.. module:: openstack.compute
   :synopsis: A client for the OpenStack Compute API.

.. currentmodule:: openstack.compute


First create an instance of :class:`Compute` with your credentials:

>>> from openstack.compute import Compute
>>> compute = Compute(username=USERNAME, apikey=API_KEY)

Then call methods on the :class:`Compute` object:

.. attribute:: backup_schedules

    A :class:`BackupScheduleManager` -- manage automatic backup images.

.. attribute:: flavors

    A :class:`FlavorManager` -- query available "flavors" (hardware

.. attribute:: images

    An :class:`ImageManager` -- query and create server disk images.

.. attribute:: ipgroups

    A :class:`IPGroupManager` -- manage shared public IP addresses.

.. attribute:: servers

    A :class:`ServerManager` -- start, stop, and manage virtual machines.

.. automethod:: authenticate

For example:

>>> compute.servers.list()
[<Server: buildslave-ubuntu-9.10>]

>>> compute.flavors.list()
[<Flavor: 256 server>,
 <Flavor: 512 server>,
 <Flavor: 1GB server>,
 <Flavor: 2GB server>,
 <Flavor: 4GB server>,
 <Flavor: 8GB server>,
 <Flavor: 15.5GB server>]

>>> compute.images.list()
[<Image: Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 - MSSQL2K8R2>,...]

>>> fl = compute.flavors.find(ram=512)
>>> im = compute.images.find(name='Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick)')
>>> compute.servers.create("my-server", image=im, flavor=fl)
<Server: my-server>

For more information, see the reference:

.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 2

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