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.. currentmodule:: openstack.compute

An "image" is a snapshot from which you can create new server instances.

From Rackspace's own API documentation:

An image is a collection of files used to create or rebuild a server. Rackspace provides a number of pre-built OS images by default. You may also create custom images from cloud servers you have launched. These custom images are useful for backup purposes or for producing "gold" server images if you plan to deploy a particular server configuration frequently.


.. autoclass:: ImageManager
   :members: get, list, find, findall, create, delete

.. autoclass:: Image
   :members: delete

   .. attribute:: id

       This image's ID.

   .. attribute:: name

       This image's name.

   .. attribute:: created

       The date/time this image was created.

   .. attribute:: updated

       The date/time this instance was updated.

   .. attribute:: status

       The status of this image (usually ``"SAVING"`` or ``ACTIVE``).

   .. attribute:: progress

       During saving of an image this'll be set to something between
       0 and 100, representing a rough percentage done.

   .. attribute:: serverId

       If this image was created from a :class:`Server` then this attribute
       will be set to the ID of the server whence this image came.
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