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import urllib
import BeautifulSoup
from contextlib import nested
from fabric.api import *
from unipath import FSPath as Path
BASE_PATH = Path(__file__).absolute().parent
def prep_sdist():
Build a sdist from the latest Evernote Python API wrappers.
landing_page = BeautifulSoup.BeautifulSoup(urllib.urlopen(API_LANDING_PAGE))
api_link = landing_page.find('a', text=API_LINK_TITLE).parent['href']
api_zip_name = Path(api_link).name
api_zip_dest = BASE_PATH.child(api_zip_name)
if not api_zip_dest.exists():
local('curl -O "%s"' % api_link)
unziped_dir = BASE_PATH.child(api_zip_name.stem)
if not unziped_dir.exists():
local('unzip %s' % api_zip_name)
local('cp -r -f %s/lib/python src' % unziped_dir)
with nested(open(''), open('', 'w')) as (fin, fout):
fout.write( % {'version': api_zip_name.stem.split('-')[-1]})
def clean():
Clean up any leftovers.
local('rm -rf dist src evernote*')
def upload():
Push a tarball to PyPI.
local('python register sdist upload')