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A library for simple URI handling. It has no external dependancies, and works
with Python 2.3+.
Currently contains only an implementation of URI-Templates
( -- but see the TODO_ below.
Some bits are inspired by or based on:
* Joe Gregorio's example implementation
* Addressable (
Simple usage::
>>> import uri
>>> args = {'foo': 'it worked'}
>>> uri.expand_template("{foo}", args)
>>> args = {'a':'foo', 'b':'bar', 'a_b':'baz'}
>>> uri.expand_template("{a}{b}/{a_b}", args)
You can also use keyword arguments for a more pythonic style::
>>> uri.expand_template("{a}", a="foo")
I use GitHub; the canonical repository lives at Please feel free to send pull requests or
patches to <>
Over time, I'd like to add the following features to this library:
* ``uri.extract(template, uri)``: extract a dict of info given a template
and a URI.
* ``uri.parse(uri)``: thin wrapper around ``urlparse.urlparse()`` that
returns a class (so you can do e.g. ``some_uri.fragment`` or whathaveyou.)
This URI class should have expand/extract methods.
* Add methods/functions to do sane URI joining -- ``urlparse.urljoin``
*never* does what I think it's going to do, especially when faced
with relative URIs.