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Maltego Project

Exploration of the open-source intelligence tool Maltego. Included are a template for local transforms, some penetration testing transforms, and a few social engineering transforms to get new users up and running with the tool and demonstrate some of the power in visualizing these sorts of datasets.

Local Transforms:

  1. Add a new graph
  2. Add new entity type, e.g. MyTransforms from the Manage tab
  3. Add a new local transform from the Manage tab
  4. After entering basic info. and linking to created entity type, link to python interpreter location, e.g. /usr/bin/python

YouTube Tutorial

YouTube Tutorial

  • is the basic local transform you're looking for, add it as your own entity and enjoy experimenting

Misc. Information:

  • Take a look at the other transforms, but be sure to define your entity types when plugging them into Maltego
  • is Paterva's python API for local transforms