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Emoji Search Plugin


This plugin allows you to search for emojis based on the text you input. The operators will only appear in menus in the FiftyOne App if emoji is in the dataset's name (case-insensitive).

With pyperclip, you can also copy an emoji to your clipboard! This is useful if you want to paste the emoji into a text message. The option should appear in the sample viewer menu when you enter the sample modal.

Under the Hood

The plugin uses a three-step search process. We utilize text descriptions of the emojis, which are generated by GPT-4, and are of the form "A photo of ...", the names of the emojis, as listed in the Kaggle dataset, and high-resolution images of the emojis, which are 10x upscaled using ESRGAN.

Step 1 performs a relatively cheap pre-filtering search using precomputed CLIP embeddings of the emoji images, and an on-the-fly CLIP embedding of the input text. This step returns 100 emojis, which are then passed to step 2.

Step 2 performs a more expensive re-ranking using `distilroberta-base`` cross-encoder model from the sentence-transformers library, which computes a similarity score between two text inputs, rather than relying on separate embeddings.

We do this twice: once with the description text of the emojis as the first input, and the user prompt as the second input, and once with the emoji names as the first input, and the user prompt as the second input. Additionally, we compute the similarity score between the user prompt and the names of the emojis, using CLIP embeddings.

Step 3 performs a reciprocal rank fusion of the four orderings we have generated: CLIP image similarity, CLIP name similarity, cross-encoder description similarity, and cross-encoder name similarity. We then take the top (at most) 20 emojis from this fusion, above a certain threshold.


This plugin requires fiftyone>=0.23.0. Upgrade your FiftyOne installation before installing this plugin:

pip install fiftyone --upgrade

You can then install the plugin itself:

fiftyone plugins download

You will also need to install the plugin's requirements:

fiftyone plugins requirements @jacobmarks/emoji_search --install



This operator will download the emoji dataset images and metadata, and create a FiftyOne Dataset from them. You can then use the other operators on this dataset. This dataset will be called emoji, and will be saved in your default dataset directory, which you can check with fiftyone.config.default_dataset_dir.



This operator will semantically search for emojis based on the input text. It will return a subset of the emojis in the dataset that are most semantically similar to the input text, above a certain threshold.



This operator will copy the emoji to the clipboard!

Dataset Preperation

This plugin is designed to work with the Emoji Dataset (link to when available). The dataset was constructed as follows:

  1. Base64 encoded images of emojis and associated data were downloaded from the Kaggle Emoji Dataset.

  2. ESRGAN was used to 10x upscale the images.

  3. Captions of the form "A photo of ..." were generated for each emoji using GPT-4 and post-processed.

  4. CLIP embeddings were computed for each emoji, name, description, and image, and the embeddings were used to create vector similarity indexes.

  5. For fun, image attributes such as contrast and saturation were computed for each emoji.