React project boilerplate, with WebPack.
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React project boilerplate, with webpack. Automatically minifies JS and images in production builds.


Just run npm to install dependancies

$ npm install


All config is done in gulpfile.js.

Common paths are in the paths variable, and webpack config is in the webpackConfig variable.


Pass the -p or -production flag to a task to enable production features such as minification, or stripping of map files.

The default gulp task cleans the entire directory, then builds and copies HTML, CSS and JS into the build directory.


  • gulp clean-all - Cleans the entire build directory.
  • gulp clean-scripts - Cleans the build scripts directory.
  • gulp clean-images - Cleans the build images directory.
  • gulp clean-css - Cleans the build css directory.
  • gulp clean-html - Cleans html files from the build directory.


  • gulp build-js - Uses webpack to build the JS, and copy into the build directory. Transpiles JSX if necessary. ES2015 is supported.
  • gulp build-css - Copies CSS into the build directory. Minifies if production.
  • gulp build-images - Minifies images, and copies the minified images into the build directory.
  • gulp build-html - Copies HTML into the build directory.
  • gulp watch - Watches for changes to CSS/JS/HTML and rebuilds


  • gulp serve - Runs webpack-dev-server, watches for changes to any assets, and rebuilds if needed.