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Clojure CSS LilyPond Shell
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This is the source for my personal website. It's also a decent example of creating a static website with Clojure. Run clj -e '(init)' -r to run a development webserver on port 8080. After making any changes, you can reload either by running (refresh) from the repl or by eval-ing the site.core namespace from your editor.

Deploys are done by eval-ing (site.core/export) and then running ./

This website uses:

  • Markdown for content.
  • A home-grown markdown front matter parser, mimicking Hugo.
  • Bootstrap for styling.
  • commonmark-hiccup to convert markdown to hiccup, which is then post-processed before being converted to HTML.
  • trident.staticweb/html, a hiccup + garden wrapper that allows inline CSS like in Reagent.
  • stasis to serve HTML in development and export to the filesystem before deployment.


Distributed under the EPL v2.0

Copyright © 2019 Jacob O'Bryant.

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