The ASP.NET MVC blog framework BlogFull repurposed to host a podcast.
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An ASP.NET 4.7 MVC podcast episode blog framework built for speed and getting things right. Fully functional with the minimum required features to make a podcast website using Soundcloud as the audio hosting provider (free).

Adapted from the super fast blog framework BlogFull, changed the way posts/episodes are identified and removed some features from BlogFull not needed here. Added Soundcloud embed support for each episode, simply paste the full Soundcloud embed code into the text box and it will be formatted automatically.


Install Instructions

  1. Clone repo.
  2. Open with Visual Studio, edit web.config variables.
  3. Make sure to enable directory write permissions on your server/hosting.
  4. Build and publish to your website.
  5. Send me the link on Twitter so I can share it.

Usage Instructions

  1. Navigate to /admin and login with the username and password you set.
  2. Change the /admin/settings to your liking.
  3. Start posting.
  4. Click on an uploaded image to copy the markdown link to clipboard.

You can read more about the parent BlogFull and see it running over on my site.