.NET Core 2.0 bot for Discourse API using ElasticSearch.
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.NET Core 2.0 bot for Discourse API using ElasticSearch and NEST. Has full forum posts and thread indexing capabilities, now with basic Sentiment Analysis using VADER (Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner).

Build status


A plug and play discourse bot. My instance of the bot is called @Tyrell, feel free to rename where you need to.

You need ElasticSearch (I'm using v 6.2.1), a Discourse forum site URL, and a registered username/password.

Edit the /Business/Constants.cs file with your relevant details. Spin up the bot and it will start in manned mode by default; turn on your CAPS LOCK key to exit auto mode (on WINDOWS ONLY, you need to remove the autostart in OSX as it is not suppored, Program.cs line 24, as detecting CAPS is not supported on all net core platforms yet).

v1.1 Unmanned Mode

You can optionally run the bot in unmanned mode where it is near uncrashable (useful for running on remote servers). Look in Program.cs and switch the commented/uncommented task runners around.

v1.2 Kestrel HTTP endpoint open

By default it will reply with "OK" when hit on port 1982. Useful for using third party uptime monitors on remote instances of the bot.

PLEASE be respectful when using the full index commands. Just because you could index a full site doesn't mean you should. It could get your account banned pretty easily.




The main reason I made it, every forum/site needs this functionality IMO. The implementation is still somewhat limited, but it’s a start.


remindme tonight

remindme tomorrow

remindme [one-ten] [hour(s)/day(s)/week(s)/month(s)]

remindme [number] [hour(s)/day(s)/week(s)/month(s)]

remindme [HH][am/pm]

remindme [HH:MM][am/pm]

remindme [one-ten] [hour(s)/day(s)/week(s)/month(s)] (at) [HH][am/pm]

remindme [number] [hour(s)/day(s)/week(s)/month(s)] (at) [HH][am/pm]

remindme [one-ten] [hour(s)/day(s)/week(s)/month(s)] (at) [HH:MM][am/pm]

remindme [number] [hour(s)/day(s)/week(s)/month(s)] (at) [HH:MM][am/pm]

remindme [dd/mm/yyyy]

remindme [some-time-function] [to/that] (something you want to be reminded of)

Reminders for tonight are at 6pm ONLY, tomorrow are at 7:30am ONLY, use the more advanced options to define more exact times. The rest are based on when you post the request. The (s) are completely optional. Usage of (at) and (in) is also optional.


remindme two days -> 2 days from now.

remindme 5 week -> 5 weeks from now.

remindme 1:30pm -> reminder 1:30 pm today.

remindme 1 days 7pm -> reminder tomorrow at 7pm.

remindme in 1 week 1:10pm -> reminder one week from today at 1:10pm.

remindme in 2 days at 4am -> reminder 4am 2 days from today.

remindme 15/01/2019 -> reminder on that date at 7:30am. You can’t give it a time YET.

remindme in 2 days at 9:30am to buy milk -> buy milk in 2 days at 9:30am.

remindme in 4 hours that I like coffee -> you guessed it.

You don’t need to @Tyrell the bot for remindme to work, it will get it from anywhere in a post. YOU MUST @TYRELL OR TYRELL the bot for the rest of the functions to work!.

tyrell slap

tyrell slap

Slaps a user, IRC style. Guess my childhood.


tyrell slap [username]

you can @ the username if you want, it will add it if you don’t. Your post must call the bot with either @Tyrell or “tyrell”.

tyrell chat

tyrell chat

Have a convo with the bot using the CleverBot API.


tyrell chat [message about a bunch of stuff]



Useful for when you are posting something and you don’t want the bot to action anything in the post.

If you post something with a function or reminder and you are quoting another post make sure it doesn’t contain this flag, as the flag presence anywhere in your post disables Tyrell on it.

Once the bot has detected/processed your remindme or function usage it will like your post.

It runs every minute.


  • there is an issue with multiple commands in the same post.
  • sometimes for no reason Cleverbot doesn't reply.


  • Better datetime parsing


Kibana (and/or many other) data visulisation tools are great fun once you have a dataset indexed of forum posts and threads.


VADER port VaderSharp -> https://github.com/codingupastorm/vadersharp