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UPnP-device no longer requires Node.js <=0.4.12

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1 parent b35bfcc commit 137d016f5664a90f34b3bcb3e7490026976dfac3 @jacobrask committed Jan 28, 2012
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@@ -6,9 +6,7 @@ ___Bragi is still in a very experimental state.___
# Install
-First install [Node.js], version 0.4.12 is recommended. Bragi relies on [node-upnp-device] which is ___not___ compatible with Node 0.6.x due to some missing UDP features in 0.6.x. They are expected to be implemented fairly soon, and then node-upnp-device will be ported to 0.6.x. I suggest using [nvm] to install and keep track of different Node versions.
-You also need to install [MongoDB], and if you want transcoding, [ffmpeg].
+Apart from [Node.js], you first need to install [MongoDB], and if you want transcoding, [ffmpeg].
Then clone this repository and run `node bragi.js`. Bragi will be published in npm when it's more functional.
@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@
"bin": "./bragi.js",
"main": "./bragi.js",
"directories": { "lib": "./lib" },
- "engines": { "node": "<= 0.4.12" },
"dependencies": {
"async": "*",
"coffee-script": "*",

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