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UPnP Media Server

Bragi is a media server for UPnP (and in the future DLNA) devices. It runs on Node.js and is written in CoffeeScript.

Bragi is still in a very experimental state.


First install Node.js, version 0.4.12 is recommended. Bragi relies on node-upnp-device which is not compatible with Node 0.6.x due to some missing UDP features in 0.6.x. They are expected to be implemented fairly soon, and then node-upnp-device will be ported to 0.6.x.

Then clone this repository. Bragi will be in npm when it's more functional.


./bragi.js -c [directory]


  • -c, --content Share the content of directory [required]

Known issues

  • Only gets metadata from audio files.
  • No transcoding. Take a look at mp3fs if you need to stream mp3s.
  • Plus still lots of limitations in node-upnp-device.
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