Central role BLE for react native noble api surface
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Central role ble for react native. Technically a shim for the excellent noble


npm i --save react-native-ble

For ios also see the react native linking guide, but basically

npm install rnpm -g
rnpm link

For android also see https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/native-modules-android.html#register-the-module in the paragraph starting "The package needs to be provided..." for the required edits to getPackages() in MainApplication.java.


See the noble api for usage

var noble = ('react-native-ble');

For more advanced usage, like in the eddystone_beacon_scanner, include noble directly or utilize a package that does so:

var noble = ('noble');

And follow the instructions in rn-nodeify to deep shim react-native-ble for noble.