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A Go library for dealing with serial ports.
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This is a package that allows you to read from and write to serial ports in Go.

OS support

Currently this package works only on OS X, Linux and Windows. It could probably be ported to other Unix-like platforms simply by updating a few constants; get in touch if you are interested in helping and have hardware to test with. Windows would likely be a lot more work.


Simply use go install:

go install

To update later:

go install -u


Set up a serial.OpenOptions struct, then call serial.Open. For example:

    import "fmt"
    import "log"
    import ""


    // Set up options.
    options := serial.OpenOptions{
      PortName: "/dev/tty.usbserial-A8008HlV",
      BaudRate: 19200,
      DataBits: 8,
      StopBits: 1,
      MinimumReadSize: 4,

    // Open the port.
    port, err := serial.Open(options)
    if err != nil {
      log.Fatalf("serial.Open: %v", err)

    // Make sure to close it later.
    defer port.Close()

    // Write 4 bytes to the port.
    b := []byte{0x00, 0x01, 0x02, 0x03}
    n, err := port.Write(b)
    if err != nil {
      log.Fatalf("port.Write: %v", err)

    fmt.Println("Wrote", n, "bytes.")

See the documentation for the OpenOptions struct in serial.go for more information on the supported options.

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