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Releases: jacobsalmela/ascii-planets


15 Oct 11:27
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Special thanks (again) to @sum1els-com for feedback with this release:

  • astronauts cost $$ instead of $ (#42)
  • corrected and adjusted scoring of astronauts: astronauts earn 1 point in the endgame, currency scores 2 (#42)
  • disallow armament touching, forcing the player to expand their real estate footprint and make harder choices (#43)
  • more mountains added because of the above (#43)
  • incentivize building on mountains and nebulas for +1 defense (#43)
  • add space junk for thematics and as a road block to expanding into space (#43)
  • armaments must be built and staffed on a single turn (#41)
  • improved readability of planet in the codebase by putting each coordinate on one line. this makes it easier to change the planet's configuration and to see what coordinate has what resource


10 Oct 11:29
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  • closes #33
  • adds an updated screenshot to the README
  • updates filenames to match recent changes (buildings.tex --> armaments.tex and population.tex --> astronauts.tex
  • Removes deprecated terms like FTL and Buildings
  • shifts positioning of components to make room for a Symbols table, which offers reference to different ASCII characters used in the game (this also makes some smaller adjustments for upcoming PR that re-does how the elements get positioned on the board)
  • Made some text in the Currency table to be lighter to match the rest of the game


10 Oct 00:43
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Special thanks to @sum1els-com for feedback with this release:

  • changed to a more vibrant color pallette (closed #30)
  • added a number/letter grid to the planet map
  • reduced the size of the map to make the game more challenging (closed #29)
  • adjusts rules regarding line placement and overlaps (closed #23)


10 Oct 00:08
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Special thanks to @sum1els-com for feedback with this release:

  • Adding currency action notes to the planet sheet. #34


10 Oct 00:03
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Special thanks to @sum1els-com for feedback with this release:

-Technology die description changed to be blue to match the map and rules


08 Oct 17:10
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Special thanks to @sum1els-com for feedback with this release:

  • added a ! to Level III fortifications to indicate it as an end-game trigger
  • adjusted wording in the rules regarding the Military Track
  • referenced the M, [ ], and [X] symbols in the rules (relating to the Military Track)
  • moved the Legend closer to the map (other sections adjusted as necessary to make everything fit)
  • renamed Fortifications to Armaments and updated references to it throughout the rulebook and Planet Sheet
  • added pre-requisite text to building and fleet activations on the Planet Sheet
  • added a notice to the Planet Sheet to remind players of when they can spend Currency to modify the game state
  • changed a rule regarding Constructing and Staffing--players can build vacant Armaments and staff them at any point, either naturally if they cannot afford to Staff them or for stragic reasons
  • clarified a rule that states you can deploy as many Battleships as you want
  • clarified that a 6 can activate all Battleships, as it does for all other armaments
  • clarified a rule that destroyed Armaments cannot be built over, but can be built on a free space on the map
  • clarified a rule about Astronauts becoming Pilots
  • clarified a rule about the Great Person bonus
  • reduced solo turn from 20 to 10
  • fixed a missing space on p.9
  • rephrased a sentence on p.6
  • rephrased a sentence on p.5


11 Feb 13:06
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04 Dec 01:25
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  • Fortifications in section 3.3 now has a bulleted list
  • the rules now state the Space Station cannot be activated but can be staffed
  • language of Staffing vs. Activating is cleared up with two new sections in the rules
  • the purpose of the Space Station is described better and why you might want one
  • the language was clarified on how to build the Space Station
  • the language about re-rolls for disasters is now more clear
  • Academies were not being scored on the planet sheet, but are now


09 Oct 18:00
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  • updated map and legend to use different symbols for better visibility in grayscale mode


05 Oct 11:43
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  • fixed up p.3 "buildings" are now "fortifications"
  • fixed up disasters on p.7 to reference the right ones
  • fixed up the gain currency and gain tech symbols on the planet sheet