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@jacobsalmela jacobsalmela released this Apr 5, 2020

Spacewalk 2.10.

  • this updates postgres to 10.11
  • uses the new main.sql from a fresh Spacewalk 2.10 install

Spacewalk will be discontinued at the end of May, so hopefully this helps it live on.

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@jacobsalmela jacobsalmela released this Feb 19, 2019

v2.9 of this repo will match v2.9 of Spacewalk. As Spacewalk only releases every six months, I will increment this repo in v2.9.x for tweaks I make. So the major version will always match the Spacewalk software, and the dot version indicates my changes.

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@jacobsalmela jacobsalmela released this Feb 18, 2019

"works for me" deployment of Spacewalk 2.8. Adding this in as a point of reference while I work on Spacewalk 2.9.

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