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November 4, 2022 19:58
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Modify macOS' TCC.db from the command line

Modify macOS' Transparency, Consent, and Control (TCC) Framework from the Command Line

Apple has a utility in /usr/bin named tccutil, but it only supports one command, which is to reset the entire database. It has been like this for many versions of macOS. I wanted a command-line utility that would be able to add, remove, list, and take other actions.

SIP Notice

This tool needs SIP disabled in order to function. The risk of doing so is up to you.

Discussions on this topic can be found here: #44

How is Different from other solutions?

  • can be installed without any additional software.

  • it has an easy to use syntax

  • there are other solutions out there, but there were some things I did not like about them:

    • Privacy Manager Services has other dependencies that need to be installed (it has also gone over five years without any updates)

    • uses a .plist to add items, which is inconvenient.

  • these are also some other projects I found that do similar things



Install using Homebrew.

brew install tccutil

Depending how you have your $PATH variable setup, you can simply type tccutil (instead of the full path) and it will run this utility instead of Apple's.

Alternative Install

Clone this repo and manually copy to /usr/local/bin or run from any directory with python /path/to/


This utility needs super-user priveleges for most operations. It is important that you either run this as root or use sudo, otherwise it won't work and you will end up with “permission denied” errors.

usage: [-h] [--service SERVICE] [--list] [--insert INSERT] [-v]
                  [-r REMOVE] [-e ENABLE] [-d DISABLE] [--version]

Modify Accesibility Preferences

positional arguments:
  ACTION                This option is only used to perform a reset.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --service SERVICE, -s SERVICE
                        Set TCC service
  --list, -l            List all entries in the accessibility database.
  --insert INSERT, -i INSERT
                        Adds the given bundle ID or path to the accessibility
  -v, --verbose         Outputs additional info for some commands.
  -r REMOVE, --remove REMOVE
                        Removes a given Bundle ID or Path from the
                        Accessibility Database.
  -e ENABLE, --enable ENABLE
                        Enables Accessibility Access for the given Bundle ID
                        or Path.
  -d DISABLE, --disable DISABLE
                        Disables Accessibility Access for the given Bundle ID
                        or Path.
  --version             Show the version of this script


List existing Entries in the Accessibility Database

sudo --list

Add /usr/bin/osascript to the Accessibility Database (using UNIX-Style Option)

sudo -i /usr/bin/osascript

Add Script Editor to the Accessibility Database (using Long Option)

sudo --insert

Remove Terminal from the Accessibility Database

sudo --remove

Enable Terminal (must already exist in the Database)

sudo --enable

Disable /usr/bin/osascript (must already exist in the Database)

sudo -d /usr/bin/osascript


Many people have contributed already, so feel free to make a PR and we'll get it merged in.