Implements xkcd #1288 suggestion for improving news content
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xkcd News Enhancer

This plugin is designed to implement xkcd 1288 to enhance news articles. Installation should be done through the Google Chrome store. Please feel free to fork this project and submit pull requests. I am a Ruby developer, not a Javascript developer, so these are all wonderfully hacked together snippets from Google Extensions examples and Stack Overflow. So please fork and improve.


To install this plugin, clone the repo. Then, enable Developer Options under chrome://extensions and select "Load unpacked extension...". Locate the folder you just downloaded and select it. At that point, the exclamation point icon should appear to the right of your search bar. Now, just click that any time you feel that the article you are reading needs a little more spice!


Any included works retain their original licenses (I believe all are BSD compliant), but anything I have contributed is hereby given away freely with no attached license(s).

Icon comes from: here (I'm not sure of their exact legal requirements regarding license for non-commercial use--If someone wants to take a look or submit a new one, I would be grateful!)