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Syncing with Ansible Project #1

merged 142 commits into from Jun 11, 2019


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commented Jun 11, 2019

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Akasurde and others added some commits Jun 4, 2019

aws: Update description for iam_role (ansible#57346)
If IAM Role is created without description using aws cli or UI,
then Ansible failed to update description for such IAM role.
This fixes such condition.

Fixes: ansible#52942

Signed-off-by: Abhijeet Kasurde <>
Add integration test provider for vmware (ansible#55772)
* Add integration test provider for vmware

This change adds a new remote cloud provider option for vmware,
supporting dynamic environments running on as well as
static environments specific by the user in a cloud-config template.
win_chocolatey - honour version when bootstrapping chocolatey and fix…
… package listing (ansible#57208)

* win_chocolatey - honour version when bootstrapping chocolatey

* skip upgrade all step

* Fix install latest step

* Remove test changes now that Chocolatey is released

* tweak the package version detection
ovirt vmpools creating vm options (ansible#55815)
* ovirt vm pools add vm vars

* remove cloud init persist

* ovirt vm pools add nics

* ovirt vm pools add vm docs

* ovirt vm pools update docs

* ovirt vm pools update cloud_init docs

* update ovirt_vm_pools docs

* correct ovirt vm pools version_added
file: return 'useful' error message for recursion error (ansible#57222)
* file: return 'useful' error message for recursion error

Fixes ansible#56397

* Fix line length

* Re-phrase the error message
meraki_admin - Enable check mode (ansible#54499)
* Add support for check mode

* Add changelog fragment

* Add diff support
- Fix a few changed status
- Removed auth_key check since that's done in module_utils now
meraki_content_filtering - Enable check mode (ansible#54638)
* Add support for check mode.

* Add diff support
- Need to analyze diff for accuracy
- Updated check mode changed value

* Improve test coverage

* Remove a duplicate integration test
Add support for vlan update on ovs bridges (ansible#57168)
This commit adds support for vlan update on openvswitch_bridge module.
meraki_network - Restructure execution logic (ansible#56818)
* Restructure meraki_network to be simpler and work for all int tests

* Enable all integration tests and enhance error reports

* Slight tweaks to integration tests
New module - meraki_malware (ansible#56929)
* Initial commit for meraki_malware module
- Allows for manipulation of malware configuration

* Add full documentation and improve code coverage

* Add diff support

* Type change

* Sanity check fixes

* Convert org_id from str to int for consistency

* Sanity fixes again

* Fix argument type errors

* Remove ignore items for some Meraki modules so shippable is happy
Support `--valid_pgpkeys` option in Git module ()
PR ansible#55396

Make Git module support `--valid-pgpkeys` option, which allows
configuring a list of valid PGP fingerprints which are compared with the
used PGP fingerprint if verify_commit is true. This requires
verify_commit to be set to 'yes'.

Signed-off-by: Jelle van der Waa <>
Co-authored-by: Sviatoslav Sydorenko <>
postgresql_table: 57352 bugfix, add schema handling (ansible#57391)
* 57352 bugfix, add schema handling

* 57352 bugfix, added a changelog fragment

* 57352 bugfix, added tests for rename

* 57352 bugfix, fixed tests

* 57352 bugfix, fixed typos, cosmetic changes
2.9 roadmap dates (ansible#57420)
* add dates to 2.9 roadmap, remove alpha phase
update docsite breadcrumbs from sphinx_rtd_theme (ansible#57316)
* improve breadcrumbs
* get edit on github working again

felixfontein and others added some commits Jun 10, 2019

AWS: _facts -> _info (part 3) (ansible#57635)
* Rename ec2_ami_facts -> ec2_ami_info.

* Rename ec2_asg_facts -> ec2_asg_info.

* Rename ec2_customer_gateway_facts -> ec2_customer_gateway_info.

* Rename ec2_eip_facts -> ec2_eip_info.

* Rename ec2_elb_facts -> ec2_elb_info.

* Rename ec2_eni_facts -> ec2_eni_info.

* Rename ec2_group_facts -> ec2_group_info.

* Rename ec2_instance_facts -> ec2_instance_info.

* Rename ec2_lc_facts -> ec2_lc_info.

* Rename ec2_placement_group_facts -> ec2_placement_group_info.

* Rename ec2_snapshot_facts -> ec2_snapshot_info.

* Rename ec2_vol_facts -> ec2_vol_info.

* Update module defaults, add changelog and porting guide.

* Forgot one occurence of ec2_instance_facts.

* Update BOTMETA.

* Break too long line.
[FactCache] define first_order_merge method (ansible#55781)
* Add first_order_merge method

Add test for updating a key that already exists

* changelog
AWS: _facts -> _info (part 4) (ansible#57651)
* Rename ec2_vpc_dhcp_option_facts -> ec2_vpc_dhcp_option_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_endpoint_facts -> ec2_vpc_endpoint_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_igw_facts -> ec2_vpc_igw_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_nacl_facts -> ec2_vpc_nacl_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_nat_gateway_facts -> ec2_vpc_nat_gateway_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_net_facts -> ec2_vpc_net_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_peering_facts -> ec2_vpc_peering_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_route_table_facts -> ec2_vpc_route_table_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_subnet_facts -> ec2_vpc_subnet_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_vgw_facts -> ec2_vpc_vgw_info.

* Rename ec2_vpc_vpn_facts -> ec2_vpc_vpn_info.

* Update module defaults, add changelog and porting guide.

* Update BOTMETA.
win_domain_group_membership: Fix missing @extra_vars on Get-ADObject …
…to support different domain and credentials for retrieval (ansible#57429)

* win_domain_group_membership - Fix missing @extra_vars on Get-ADObject to support dirrent domain and credentials for retrival

* win_domain_group_membership - Fix missing extra_vars on Get-ADObject
Improve testing of FactCache (ansible#55739)
* Improve testing of FactCache
win_pagefile: not using testPath (ansible#57093)
* win_pagefile: not using testPath

* Added changelog
vultr: vultr_user_facts -> info (ansible#57564)
* vultr: deprecate vultr_user_facts

* vultr: vultr_user_facts: rename to info

* vultr: adjust tests

* vultr: new vultr_user_info module
vultr: vultr_os_facts -> info (ansible#57565)
* vultr: vultr_os_facts: rename to info

* vultr: vultr_os_facts: rename tests to info

* vultr: adjust tests

* vultr: new vultr_os_info module
PR to introduce cp_network and cp_publish as modules (ansible#57621)
* network and install policy modules for example

network and install policy modules for example

* revert the changes in version

revert the changes in version

* documentation_fragment


* Checking the status code of the set request

* delete some of Rikis' files

* retrieve Rikis' files and call equals API method

* adding blanck line between functions

* implement host, address-range and group

* mostly sintax fixes

* try again with the old host and access rule

* small changes

* adding service udp and publish

* publish command

* little fix

* choises for state parameter

* support wait_for_task and API version

* imports

* refactor of function's name

* network module

* rename modules and return value from modules

* PR before examples to: tests, lookup, check_mode

* small fixes

* fixes for code review

* small fixes

* state parameter in examples and many /n

* white spaces

* 4 tries for how choices should be, and turn true to True
postgresql modules: use postgres.exec_sql instead of __exec_sql metho…
…ds (ansible#57674)

* postgresql modules: use postgres.exec_sql instead of __exec_sql methods

* postgresql modules: use exec_sql, added changelog fragment

* Update changelogs/fragments/57674-postgres_modules_use_exec_sql_instead_of_methods.yml

Co-Authored-By: Felix Fontein <>
Update (ansible#57125)
Docs: Add resource_group values in examples of:
- Power On
- Restart
postgresql_idx: self.__exec_sql -> module_utils.postgres.exec_sql (an…

* postgresql_idx: self.__exec_sql -> module_utils.postgres.exec_sql

* postgresql_idx: exec_sql, added a changelog fragment

* postgresql_idx: exec_sql, fix the changelog fragment
fix tower_credential example: lookup are run on controller (ansible#5…

- don't advise to use lookups in order to fetch path on managed nodes
- fix example:
    - use slurp instead 'file' lookup
    - remove extraneous brackets
Duplicate rules were being created if rule index was not set (ansible…

* bug fixes

* Revert "bug fixes"

This reverts commit 2d839ec.

* bug fix
Fix ios_smoke failure (ansible#57665)
Set ansible_buffer_read_timeout to be larger then
ansible_command_timeout, as both appliance / controller are on the same
physical network and we are not triggering ansible_command_timeout.

Signed-off-by: Paul Belanger <>
Fixed heading link password field in user module (ansible#57694)
In the [user module](, the password field links to ``, but the actual link is `` as it was modified in d27d956

So I corrected the link in the user module to the actual link. 

- Docs Pull Request

+label: docsite_pr
add plugins/connection/ to botmeta (ansible#57700)
* add plugins/connection/ to botmeta

* add podman to botmeta

@jacobsnapp jacobsnapp merged commit 0f55334 into jacobsnapp:devel Jun 11, 2019


This comment has been minimized.

Should be popped also if storage_type is not 'io1' or maybe better (more future proof): if it is gp2, hdd, etc. (all current types that we know we can't specify the iops).
That way if in the future there appears an 'io2' storage_type, we re covered.

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