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Constrained Coding

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As an experiment I'm going to start streaming some of my open source maintenance. I have a bunch of ideas of types of streams and videos I could make, so here are some goals to help make decisions.

Inspired by the time constraints from the podcasts Under the Radar and Developing Perspective I plan to time constrain my videos.


Long term personal and professional goals that I want to tackle using streaming.

  • Become proficient at making single take instructional videos.
  • Get more people into software development and open source.
  • Promote the open source projects that I work on.
  • Continue growing the OSS communities I'm a part of and also building my following, especially on Twitter.
  • Build rich library of instructional video content.


Short term objectives that I want to continuously hit.

  • Stream at least three times a week.
  • Publish stream content as videos on YouTube.

Format ideas

  • 30 minute PR - Aim to resolve an issue by raising a PR in under 30 minutes.
    • Structured stream with time limits and an explicit format but can pause to engage in chat.
  • Half Day Hacks - Hack on a small idea for half a day to see if it has legs.
    • More of a casual fly on the wall type stream. Lots of chat encouraged.
  • 5 minute tuorial - Explain a topic in under 5 minutes.
    • More of a video style stream. No chat. Rigid format. Great for reuse.
    • Would likely be recorded during other streams as an aside. If a user asks a question in chat we would pause what we are doing, switch to a different scene profile and record a standalone video. Then when that is done we would return to the stream we were doing before.

My setup

Here's an overview of my software and hardware setup for streaming. I'm starting out with the things I have to hand, but will upgrade things as my audience grows.


  • MacBook Pro 15 inch 2019
  • External Dell monitor
  • FaceTime HD 720p camera
  • Sony WH-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
  • MOSOTECH Lavalier Microphone
  • Original Apple Magic Mouse (A1296)
  • Akko 3068 keyboard



A repo to track my video and streaming activities






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