A Python module for accessing UK weather data via the Met Office's open data API known as Datapoint.
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DataPoint for Python

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A Python module for accessing weather data via the Met Office's open data API known as DataPoint.

Disclaimer: This module is in no way part of the DataPoint project/service. This module is intended to simplify the use of DataPoint for small Python projects (e.g school projects). No support for this module is provided by the Met Office and may break as the DataPoint service grows/evolves. The author will make reasonable efforts to keep it up to date and fully featured.


  • List forecast sites
  • Get nearest forecast site from longitude and latitiude
  • Get the following 5 day forecast types for any site
  • Daily (Two timesteps, midday and midnight UTC)
  • 3 hourly (Eight timesteps, every 3 hours starting at midnight UTC)


$ pip install DataPoint

You will also require a DataPoint API key.

For more installation methods see the installation guide.


Detailed documentation for this project is available on Read the Docs.

Example Usage

import datapoint

# Create connection to DataPoint with your API key
conn = datapoint.connection(api_key="aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeee")

# Get the nearest site for my longitude and latitude
site = conn.get_nearest_site(-0.124626, 51.500728)

# Get a forecast for my nearest site with 3 hourly timesteps
forecast = conn.get_forecast_for_site(site.id, "3hourly")

# Get the current timestep from the forecast
current_timestep = forecast.now()

# Print out the site and current weather
print site.name, "-", current_timestep.weather.text

Example output

London - Heavy rain

See examples directory for more in depth examples.

Contributing changes

Please feel free to submit issues and pull requests.