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A template for creating GitHub Actions in Go
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Go Container Action Template

Action Template Actions Status Actions Status

This is a template for creating GitHub actions and contains a small Go application which will be built into a minimal Container Action. Our final container from this template is ~3MB, yours may be a little bigger once you add some code, but it'll still be tiny!

In main.go you will find a small example of accessing Action inputs and returning Action outputs. For more information on communicating with the workflow see the development tools for GitHub Actions.

🏁 To get started, click the Use this template button on this repository which will create a new repository based on this template.


Describe how to use your action here.

Example workflow

name: My Workflow
on: [push, pull_request]
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@master
    - name: Run action

      # Put your action repo here
      uses: me/myaction@master

      # Put an example of your mandatory inputs here
        myInput: world


Input Description
myInput An example mandatory input
anotherInput (optional) An example optional input


Output Description
myOutput An example output (returns 'Hello world')


NOTE: People ❤️ cut and paste examples. Be generous with them!

Using the optional input

This is how to use the optional input.

  myInput: world
  anotherInput: optional

Using outputs

Show people how to use your outputs in another action.

- uses: actions/checkout@master
- name: Run action
  id: myaction

  # Put your action name here
  uses: me/myaction@master

  # Put an example of your mandatory arguments here
    myInput: world

# Put an example of using your outputs here
- name: Check outputs
    run: |
    echo "Outputs - ${{ steps.myaction.outputs.myOutput }}"
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