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  • Fixed wax.mm.interaction() click callback


  • Fixes pointselector.remove()
  • Adds pointselector.locations()
  • Fixes Google Maps connector - thanks @tokumine
  • Fixes and adds silent option to boxselector.extent()
  • Fixes wax.tooltip var error in IE8


  • Update reqwest to 0.2.7 for IE9 compatibility.
  • Parse matrix() CSS transforms for IE9 compatibility.
  • Fix to wax.mm.interaction() on dragging outside of the map.


  • bwdetect refactored to be compatible with Google Maps.
  • Tests for bwdetect, gridFeature.


  • Added bwdetect control for Modest Maps.
  • Add tests using jasmine library.
  • Bugfixes.


  • Add support for bleeding-edge MM.
  • Bugfixes.


  • Fixes xyzFinder in wax.GridManager to handle URLs with query strings.


  • Expose #full and #original methods on wax.mm.fullscreen allowing API access to fullscreen toggling actions.
  • Fixes to boxselector and zoombox controls.


  • TileJSON support in new map connectors: wax.mm.connector, wax.leaf.connector and wax.g.connector. The old wax.g.maptype and wax.mm.provider have been removed.
  • All g, leaf and mm controls now use the signature function (map, tilejson, options) {} where relevant TileJSON keys in tilejson are used if present and options contains settings specific to the control.
  • Fullscreen, zoomer, attribution and legend controls no longer automatically append themselves to the map div. Use the .appendTo method to add the DOM element to the map or to another element on the page.
  • w.melt(func) now has the same return value as func.


var provider = new wax.mm.provider({
    baseUrl: 'http://a.tiles.mapbox.com/mapbox/',
    layerName: 'natural-earth-2'});
var map = ...;


var connector = new wax.mm.connector({
    tiles: 'http://a.tiles.mapbox.com/mapbox/1.0.0/natural-earth-2/{z}/{x}/{y}.png',
    scheme: 'tms'
var map = ...;
wax.mm.legend(map, { legend: 'Content' }).appendTo(map.parent);


  • Fix for window margin offset calculation.
  • Fix zoombox control in IE.


  • Fixed Hash in FF 4.x


  • Fixed Interaction in FF 3.6.x
  • Optimized Modest Maps scrolling behavior on interactive maps
  • Fixed OpenLayers compatibility bug between 2.9 and 2.10


  • Fixing a touch javascript error.


  • Overeager touch-events handling fixed.


  • Leaflet compatibility - interaction control and documentation.
  • New pushState-based hash manager, used by default.
  • Interaction support on mobile devices, with fallback to teaser if full formatter isnt available.


  • Stripped down the README, now references the manual.
  • Renamed build to dist to avoid npm cleanup problems.
  • Fix for interaction in Firefox with body margins.
  • Added OpenLayers and Google to manual.
  • Removed Google and Modest Maps embedder controls. Will return some day...
  • All Modest Maps controls are flipped - instead of being extensions of the com.modestmaps.Map object, they are off of the wax object and are called with the map as the first argument and an options object as the second
  • Modest Maps controls and provider moved from wax.* to wax.mm.*.
  • Google control API changed from wax.g.Controls object to wax.g.* mirroring Modest Maps controls API.
  • jQuery, jQuery-jsonp, and Underscore dependency removed
  • gridutil now uses reqwest as its XMLHTTPRequest library.


  • Beta pointselector control.
  • Make zoombox removable.


  • Tweaks to boxselect including removability.


  • Added .boxselect(function())


  • Added .zoombox() and hash() controls for Modest Maps.


  • Bug fixes for OpenLayers


  • Functions on the Google Maps Controls object are now lowercase.
  • Changed WaxProvider's signature: now takes an object of settings and supports multiple domains, filetypes and zoom restrictions.
  • Changed wax.g.MapType's signature: now accepts an object of settings in the same form as WaxProvider
  • Modest Maps .interaction() now supports clicks, with the same clickAction setting as the OpenLayers version.
  • Added large manual for usage.
  • Fixed Modest Maps .fullscreen() sizing.
  • Removed /examples directory: examples will be in manuals.
  • Performance optimization of interaction code: no calculations are performed during drag events.


  • connector/mm: Added Modest Maps connector.
  • control/mm: Added .legend(), .interaction(), .fullscreen(), and .zoomer() controls for Modest Maps.
  • control/lib: Added addedTooltip event to tooltip.js to allow for external styling code.


  • connector/g: Hide error tiles and wrap on dateline.
  • connector/g: Performance improvements.
  • control/legend: Fix rerender bug.
  • control/tooltip: addedtooltip event for binding/extending tooltip behavior. Subject to change.


  • Embedder functionality for Google Maps and OpenLayers.


  • Bug fixes for Firefox 3.


  • make ext added for downloading and installing external libraries needed to use examples.
  • Bug fixes for legend, IE compatibility.


  • Initial release.