A plugin for the Kitura-Credentials framework that authenticates using the Twitter OAuth web login
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A plugin for the Kitura-Credentials framework that authenticates using the Twitter OAuth web login

Mac OS X Linux Apache 2


Plugins for Kitura-Credentials framework that authenticate using the Twitter's “Sign In with Twitter” .

Swift Version

This requires Swift 3.0 and above. You can download this version of the Swift binaries by following this link.

Before You Start

Head on over to Twitter's Application Management page and register an application you'll be using Kitura for. You'll need to give a website (which can be fake for now) and a callback URL which you'll be using during these instructions. For instance: http://localhost:8090/login/twitter/callback.

After you create the application on Twitter, gather the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from your application's Keys and Access Tokens page.

Example of Twitter Web Login

Note: for more detailed instructions, please refer to Kitura-Credentials-Sample.

First, set up the session:

import KituraSession

router.all(middleware: Session(secret: "Some random string"))

Create an instance of CredentialsTwitter plugin and register it with Credentials framework:

import Credentials
import Kitura_CredentialsTwitter

let credentials = Credentials()
let twitter = CredentialsTwitter(consumerKey: twitterConsumerKey,
                                 consumerSecret: twitterConsumerSecret)


  • twitterConsumerKey is the Consumer Key of your app in the Twitter Application Portal
  • twitterConsumerSecret is the Consumer Secret of your app in the Twitter Application Portal

Note: Twitter has you specify your callback URL on your application's detail page of the Twitter Application Portal.

Specify where to redirect non-authenticated requests:

   credentials.options["failureRedirect"] = "/login/twitter"

Connect credentials middleware to requests to /private:

router.all("/private", middleware: credentials)
router.get("/private/data", handler:
    { request, response, next in

And call authenticate to login with Twitter and to handle the redirect (callback) from the Twitter login web page after a successful login:

           handler: credentials.authenticate(twitter.name))

           handler: credentials.authenticate(twitter.name))


This library is licensed under Apache 2.0. Full license text is available in LICENSE.