A simple Life Tracking application for keeping up with daily habits.
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Life Tracker

Life Tracker is a simple application for tracking daily tasks, habits, and goals. Life Tracker is aimed to help you track things that you do on a daily basis and aim to form new habits along the way.

Life Tracker consists of categories that allow you to set a daily task and include your target goal for each day. Then within categories, there are entries for days that you complete a task or a certain portion of the goal for that day. Categories can be anything from 'coding 2 hours a day' to 'walking 12,000 steps a day' and everything in between.

Life Tracker allows you to keep up with your daily tasks and start to form habits and look back on all that you accomplish.

Life Tracker is a work in progress and is currently being developed using MongoDB (Mongoose), Express, React, and Node.js.